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Features and Benefits

CoolitDC CFD software is designed specifically for thermal design of data centers. It brings you advanced state-of-the-art thermal analysis built on decades of Daat's experience in one easy-to-use, high performance package.

Easy-to-use and requires no expert thermal knowledge

Intelligent user interface guides users through problem setup eliminating common mistakes

Powerful solver delivers quick and accurate thermal predictions

Includes libraries of: CRACs, racks, cooling devices, and tiles

Library equipment can be modified or custom devices constructed

Custom devices and equipment down to server and even board level can be built using the provided basic building blocks

Provides powerful tools for quick evaluation of "what-if" scenarios

Ideal tool for designing and optimizing new facilities or troubleshooting existing ones

Pinpoints optimum solutions to reduce data center downtime, lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve operating performance


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