` ` Gallery of real customer solutions using CoolitDC

CoolitDC Applications Gallery

The Coolit family thermal management software is trusted by industry leaders worldwide. On this page we showcase a small sampling of the real-world applications, benchmarks, and results obtained by CoolitDC customers.

IBM gets new CoolitDC-optimized data center
Courtesy of IBM Corp. and CAS Ltd.

Boosting data center reliability at no cost
Courtesy of CAS Ltd.

Modeling complex data centers on a laptop
Courtesy of Degree Controls, Inc.

Upgrading France Telecom data centers
Courtesy of France Telecom SA and CAS Ltd.

Optimization of data center cooling
Courtesy of St. Petersburg Polytechnic

CoolitDC's superior ease-of-use, speed, reliability, affordability and excellent technical support have proved an irresistible combination both for newcomers to CFD, as well as long time users of competing CFD products who switched to CoolitDC, after performing detailed and thorough evaluations to verify CoolitDC's performance and accuracy.

Join the growing ranks of data center designers who rely on Coolit to solve their thermal management problems.

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