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Below is information about recent articles on Coolit, CoolitPCB, and CoolitDC as well as links to the articles or their abstracts.

Daat white paper, August 2019

Title: CFD modeling of experiment for power electronics
Authors: Daat staff engineers

Daat white paper, November 2018

Title: Benchmarking turbulence models for electronics cooling
Authors: Daat staff engineers

Daat white paper, May 2018

Title: Cooling QFP using phase change materials heat sink
Authors: Daat staff engineers

Daat white paper, December 2015

Title: Fast solution of cases with difficult fan curves
Authors: Jason Nielsen

Desktop Engineering Magazine, November 2015

Title: Editor's Pick: Coolit and CoolitPCB Version 15
Authors: Anthony Lockwood

Daat white paper, June 2014

Title: Cutting thermal design costs
Authors: Peggy Chalmers

The Communique, AFCOM's magazine for data center management professionals, May 2012

Title: Achieving low-cost optimal cooling
Authors: Eldad Levy

Data Center Post magazine, February 2012

Title: Keeping it cool, while cutting costs
Authors: Eldad Levy and Sofi Stern

Bodo's Power magazine, pp. 40-41, May 2008

Title: Optimizing thermal solutions
Authors: Peggy Chalmers

Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine, July 2007

Title: CFD analysis delivers impressive savings for electronics thermal design
Authors: Ben Kuster

2006 IEEE COMPEL Workshop, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA, July 16-19, 2006

Title: Steady State Electro-Thermal Modeling For DC-DC Converters
Authors: Rosa Ciprian, Brad Lehman.

Desktop Engineering magazine, v. 11, issue 10, June 2006

Title: CFD Shrinks the Thermal Design Process
Authors: Michael Staiano

Machine Design magazine, pp. 132-5, May 11, 2006

Title: Tilt the Modules and Shrink the Fans Says Thermal Software
Authors: Rod Boer, edited by Paul Dvorak

Military Imbedded Systems magazine, July 25, 2005

Title: Case Studies: Early warning for thermal problems
Authors: Ben Kuster and Peggy Chalmers

9th UK National Heat Transfer Conference, Manchester UK, September 2005

Title: Coolit thermal analysis of cooling solutions with heat pipes and TEC devices
Authors: Dr. Song Lin and John Broadbent

Machine Design, pp. 66-68, October 7, 2004

Title: A Better Way to Optimize Thermal Characteristics
Authors: Paul Dvorak

CAS Ltd. internal memo, September 2004

Title: OptimizeIt ensures optimum thermal design
Authors: Dr. Eldad Levy

COTS Journal, V. 5, No. 7, pp. 21-3, July 2003

Title: Embedded mesh boosts CFD performance
Authors: Dr. Eldad Levy

Proceedings - The 3rd International symposium on microelectronics and packaging, IMAPS Israel, June 2003

Title: A multitechnologies component thermal aspects
Authors: Eldad Levy

COTS Journal, V. 4, No. 11, pp. 31-38, November 2002

Title: Case Study: CFD Wages War on Electronic Systems' Heat
Authors: Ben Kuster

Machine Design, June 21, 2001, pages 69-71

Title: How to Use Parametric Features In Thermal Software
Authors: Arik Dvinsky. Edited by Paul Dvorak

Machine Design, April 5, 2001, pages 112 & 114

Title: Thermal Analysis Leads to Cool Designs
Authors: Jason Welch. Edited by Paul Dvorak

Mechanical Engineering Magazine, v. 122, No. 7, pp. 78-9, July 2000

Title: Cooling Solution. A surprise heat sink design prepares a computer manufacturer for the next wave of hotter, faster CPUs.
Authors: ME staff writers in collaboration with outside contributors from Intel and NEC Inc

ITherm Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, May, 2000.

Title: Thermofluid Analysis of Staggered and Inline Pin Fin Heat Sinks

Machine Design magazine, February 24, 2000.

Title: Top tips for modeling electronics

Electronic Packaging and Production, April 1999.

Title: CFD Drives Down Design Cycle Time and Cost

Designfax, September 1998.

Title: Easy-to-use Desktop Software Slashes Thermal Analysis Costs
Authors: Peggy Chalmers

Machine Design, April 2, 1998.

Title: Software Shows What's Hot and What's Not in Enclosures
Authors: M. Staiano

SIAC Internal Memorandum, February 9, 1998

Title: A comparative performance of turbulence models for heat transfer in a backward facing step geometry
Authors: D. Niculin and M. Strelets

Desktop Engineering, v. 2(8), pp. 41-3, April 1997.

Title: Thermal Management of Electronic Equipment
Authors: A. Dvinsky

Num. Heat Transfer, v.30, pp. 703-720, November 1996.

Title: Navier-Stokes Study of Natural Convection and Heat Transfer in Vertical Symmetrically Heated Plate-Fin Heat Sinks
Authors: D.Niculin, M.Strelets, A. Dvinsky, A. Bar-Cohen


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