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Import, Build, and Solve board models in CoolitPCB

IDF file format including both geometry and physical properties of board and components. Select components for import based on their size, power, and other parameters.

Standard JEDEC environments of a windtunnel, card slot, or free convection can be preloaded, or build your own custom environment.

Complex models are built in minutes using component models, heat sinks, boards, and libraries.

Powerful 3D CFD solver computes forced and free convection, conduction, and radiation heat transfer in minutes.

Visualization and Reporting

Flooded and line contour display of temperature and other variables in interactively selected 2D cross sections and 3D solid body displays

On-line flow animation and visualization: inject particles in the flow stream and watch them circulate through the system

Export flow animations and HTML reports for the modeled system and board

CoolitPCB case files are fully compatible with Coolit. CoolitPCB is compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems. Recommended minimum computer requirements: 1 Gb RAM and 5 Gb disk space.


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