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Coolit cuts time-to-market for Hyperchip's petabit router.

Courtesy of Hyperchip, Inc.

To cope with soaring Internet traffic, Montreal-based Hyperchip Inc. is developing Internet routers that push data 1000 times faster than existing units. Hyperchip's petabit (trillion bits per second) units are raced to market under a development schedule that allots a mere 9 months from concept to working prototype. The aggressive schedule forced Hyperchip to discard the conventional - design, test and modify - approach as too time consuming. CFD modeling promised to shrink the timetable, but Hyperchip had no experience with this complex technology.

The company evaluated the leading software packages and found that Coolit's carefully crafted, intuitive user interface eliminated the need for training. Best of all, the software could be used by any engineer who had a basic understanding of thermal analysis.

Initially, Hyperchip used Coolit to cull the best ideas from engineering brainstorming sessions. Unexpected paybacks came when the software revealed hidden design problems. For example, engineers believed that they designed adequate ventillation in the 19-inch rack-mounted router. Coolit demonstrated, however, that the designed system would not do the job. Using the software, engineers quickly analyzed different ventillation schemes and corrected the problem. In another case, Coolit flagged a critical component that had been placed in stagnant airflow. The solution was to either reroute the flow or move the component. After modeling the two options, engineers determined that moving the component was the optimal solution.

Coolit identified problems and also provided insight into their causes so that the problems were not repeated. Hyperchip estimates that, without Coolit analyses, engineering would have had to build additional prototypes and add at least 3 months to the schedule. Financially, that would have seriously impacted the startup company since the introduction date marks the start of the revenue stream and, without Coolit, Hyperchip would have missed its market window.

Hyperchip's petabit router.

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