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Coolit assists Design Edge in creating a PC design for the new millenium

Courtesy of Design Edge

Industrial design/mechanical engineering firm, Design Edge was contracted by chip manufacturer AMD to design an eye-catching PC enclosure that had to be super small, super quiet and delivered ASAP. Super small and super quiet meant there was little room for heat-dissipating components and fans, while the tight schedule ruled out the traditional approach to thermal analysis using prototype-build, test, modify and retest.

CFD software was the only way to squeeze thermal analyses into an acceptable schedule, but Lisa Sura, Director of Product Development knew CFD software was expensive. She needed a package that would do the job at a price her small firm could afford.

After an Internet search of available offerings, Sura discovered Coolit, the CFD tool geared specifically toward electronics applications. Coolit sold for less than competing software and also included free viewing and animation software, CoolPlotŪ. Furthermore, the software dealt readily with the mixed laminar and turbulent flows, a condition often found in electronic enclosures.

"One of the Coolit turbulence models is very accurate for mixed flows," points out Sura. "That is rare and hard to find in CFD packages."

Initially Design Edge focused on delivering the PC using an existing processor and with plans to adapt the design later for a future higher speed processor. But using Coolit the team quickly determined that the new processor, with its higher heat load, would require an extra cooling fan and associated ducting, and extra side venting. Design Edge was able to incorporate the changes before the initial design was even tooled, eliminating costly retooling charges.

Throughout the project, Sura found Coolit Technical Support invaluable in dealing with troublesome analytical issues.

"The Support Team was awesome," declares Sura. "They responded immediately, either fixing the case file or explaining how to proceed."

The final PC package is a futuristic design that attracts attention with its very un-PC-like looks. Tiny, quiet, and cool, the spiffy enclosure arrived on schedule thanks to the time savings and thermal visualization power of Coolit.

PC enclosure designed for AMD

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