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Daat consulting reduces time to market.

Courtesy of Applied Signal Technology Inc.

When performing thermal analysis, signal-processing leader Applied Signal Technology Inc., overcomes its manpower limitations with a combination of Daat Research's consulting services and their own in-house expertise. This resource combination enables the company to develop multiple design scenarios during their time-critical schedules, and shave months off the thermal design effort.

Recently, Daat's thermal expertise was tapped for schedule-critical modeling of a 19-inch data acquisition chassis. Daat consultants created the base model, while Applied Signal engineers performed design optimization.

In developing the thermal design, Coolit was used both at component and system levels. Coolit also optimized heat sink configurations for the ball grid arrays and pinpointed hot spots within the system layout. The hot spots and their sources were quickly revealed using Coolit's visualization tools. Air flow animation showed that cooling air was not reaching critical system components. Applied Signal engineers were able to correct the problem by adding a series of baffles and plenums to redirect the air flow. If the problem had not been found until after the prototype was built, Applied Signal engineers estimate that it could have delayed the project as much as 4 months.

Flow simulation in a 19" data acquisition chassis.

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