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Calgreg builds customer loyalty

Courtesy of Calgreg Electronics, Inc.

Aided by Coolit, Calgreg is saving its customers money and building the kind of customer relations that result in repeat business from satisfied buyers. The heat sink manufacturer, who services a spectrum of industries, creates custom designs that are frequently better than what the customer asks for.

When a computer chip company developed a thermal solution for its new server chip, the company only expected the vendor to fabricate the design. The company was pleasantly surprised when Calgreg told them it could create a custom heat sink that would be better and less expensive than the in-house design.

Calgreg's secret was an optimized thermal solution developed with Coolit. Using what-if scenarios, the company analyzed the impact of fin direction, surface area, cross cuts, base thickness, fin thickness, fin height, spacing, etc. Throughout the development, Daat Support provided backup and advice when needed, taking less than 24 hours to evaluate case files and offer recommendations. Daat even modified Coolit to accommodate Calgreg's needs.

The resulting optimized design was impressive. Calgreg reduced costs by 22% , and in this high volume application, that meant thousands of dollars savings to the customer. Perhaps even more importantly, Calgreg slashed the footprint by 40%. Freeing up board real estate was golden for PCB designers because there was more room to layout traces and less need to route around components.

When the final design tests were run by the customer, Coolit predictions proved to within 4-5%. No wonder Calgreg believes Coolit is the company's most valuable design tool.

Coolit simulation on a Calgreg radial heat sink.

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