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A heat pipe solution for LCD and Plasma TVs

Courtesy of CET Ltd.

A manufacturer of LCD and plasma TVs could not squeeze an adequate heat sink into the space available around a critical 37 watts processor. As an alternative, UK thermal solution provider, European Thermal Dynamics, Ltd (ETL) proposed a heat pipe fin stack that would transfer heat from the component to a location where a larger heat sink could be installed. The heat sink, in turn, was to be air-cooled by natural convection and vented to the ambient.

ETL selected thermal consultant, CE Technologies Ltd. to assess the viability of the solution and optimize it for maximum cooling at the lowest cost. Using components from the Coolit library, CET quickly constructed a thermal model to prove design feasibility. Then with the aid of Coolit's OptimizeIt module, the consulting firm modeled heat pipe diameter and routing, optimized heat sink parameters, evaluated and selected interface materials, and determined the optimal vent configuration.

CET predicted that its optimized thermal solution would easily hold the processor below its 85C maximum operating temperature in a 35C ambient. Later physical testing confirmed that the predictions were within 5% of the actual component case temperatures.

Heat pipe transfers heat from the processor to remote heat sink.

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