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Coolit predicts temperatures within 0.4% for new PII-266 notebook computers.

Courtesy of FIC.

In this blind test simulation, First International Computer Ltd., was evaluating CFD codes for its notebook division. Several vendors were requested to model a new heat sink design for PII-266 notebook computers for comparison with experimental data.

The heat sink consisted of an enclosure with air openings, a plate fin heat sink, a baffle, and an exhaust fan. The case presented a considerable challenge to CFD codes, as the flow was mixed: laminar near the inlets, changing to transitional as it left the plate fins and becoming turbulent as it turned around the baffle and into the fan.

Coolit predicted 70 C temperature rise. The FIC measured temperature was 69.7 C (0.4% error). Coolit provided by far the most accurate prediction in this project. The set up time and time to converge were also the shortest.


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