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Benchmark predictions for single-component printed circuit boards.

Courtesy of Nokia.

Nokia AB has developed a series of benchmark tests for CFD codes. The test shown here, involved a board mounted SO16 device.

The device was placed horizontally in the test chamber and it was cooled by natural convection and radiation. The model included the detailed internal architecture of the device: silicon chip, die, leads internal and external, paddle and tie bar, and encapsulant.

The lab test was done for two SO16 devices to see variability in the measurements. The Coolit test was run independently of the experiment and without the knowledge of experimental results (blind). Only after the computed results were delivered, the measured data were communicated to engineers doing the Coolit analysis.

The results were as follows:

Coolit prediction:
T_junction = 76.85 C

Nokia experiment:
T_junction = 76.85 C and 79.45 C (corresponding to two experiments)

A detailed description of the experimental set up can be found in Experimental Validation of Numerical Heat Transfer Predictions for Single and Multi-Component Printed Circuit Boards in Natural Convection Environments, Rodgers, et. al., 1999 Nokia Research Center Memorandum.


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