` ` Coolit v.14 cuts solution time for transient problems

Coolit v.14 cuts solution time for transient problems

October 2014

Modeling thermal and flow transients accurately is invariably difficult. Getting a solution takes a long time and demands powerful computers. With the release of Daat Research's Coolit and CoolitPCB v.14 CFD software, engineers now have the option of using larger time steps when solving transients thereby reducing the solution time. For especially difficult large cases, in which fast processes coexist with much slower processes, which are the subject of the investigation, the solution time can often be reduced more than ten times.

Version 14 also benefits from Daat's ongoing CAD import improvement research. The new release delivers enhanced CAD import quality, while simultaneously decreasing the required number of grid cells and solution time. For added efficiency, the imported object geometry is stored in case files, allowing the engineer to change import accuracy without reimporting the object.

Determining apriori whether flow is laminar or turbulent is not easy, even for experienced mechanical engineers. For electrical engineers, who are often the most enthusiastic Coolit fans, it is even more of a challenge. In v.14 Coolit offers a powerful assistant to help with this task. Building on artificial intelligence techniques, the software analyzes specified flow and heat sources, as well as boundary conditions to predict the flow regime. If the software-determined regime is different from the one specified by the user, a warning is issued.

Coolit and CoolitPCB v.14 are shipping now.

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Figure 1: Coolit's precise geometry import and fast solver were key to optimizing Smith Optics Overtake racing helmet for wind drag.

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