` ` New Daat product, CoolitDC, targets data center heat

New Daat product, CoolitDC, targets data center heat

Hanover, NH - April 2, 2011

CoolitDC tackles complete data centers and drills down to servers, boards and even components. Ideal for designing new facilities or troubleshooting existing ones, the powerful CFD software is being offered at introductory pricing that is a fraction of existing products.

Developed by Daat Research Corp., CoolitDC is built on the company's 20 years of electronics thermal analysis and design experience. Under the hood is Daat's advanced computational engine that has been successfully used in thousands of projects.

The software handles complex facility shapes, raised floors, drop ceilings, room partitions, support columns, under floor pipes, cables and obstructions, furniture and other infrastructure components. It also accounts for room ventilation such as fans, ducts and vents.

The intuitive user interface takes full advantage of drag and drop operation. Thermal models are constructed using the software's extensive library of cooling devices, racks, and tiles from major manufacturers. In addition, CoolitDC includes basic building blocks that allow the user to modify existing library components or create custom devices.

With what-if models, the user can quickly analyze the impact of configuration and equipment options. Hot spots are flagged by temperature-colored fog, and airflow can be animated to show flow direction, speed, and temperature throughout the data center. Results are displayed visually and in tabular form so both technical and non-technical personnel can visualize and assess impacts.

For further information on CoolitDC, please visit www.CoolitDC.com or email info@daat.com .

About Daat:

Founded in 1992, Daat concentrates on the development of top-performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products for MS Windows.  Daat's award-winning Coolit family of CFD products is available across all Windows platforms and is well-regarded for its remarkably intuitive user interface, a full range of Windows capabilities, and exceptionally fast solution times that are particularly valuable for “what if” analyses.


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