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Desktop Engineering magazine editors select CoolitPCB v.4 as Pick of the Week

November 2008

Desktop Engineering magazine's editorial staff has chosen CoolitPCB v4.0 for the distinctive honor of DE's Pick of the Week. The award recognizes CoolitPCB's powerful new capabilities that enable designers to construct detailed and compact models of IC packages. The resulting models significantly increase thermal analysis accuracy and shorten the model development time.

"Users are excited about the time saved with CoolitPCB v.4," explains Peggy Chalmers, marketing manager at Daat Research Corp. "Board designers can simply select the desired IC packages from the provided extensive IC library and run the analysis. If desired, they can build their own models using CoolitPCB IC Package constructors or convert detailed IC package models to compact models."

The prestigious Desktop Engineering award further reinforces CPCB's international reputation as the leading thermal analysis package for PCB designers. Its unparalleled functionality costs a fraction of competitive products, without sacrificing power, performance or accuracy. CPCB is based on the same powerful computing engine as Daat's flagship product, Coolit.

About Daat:

Founded in 1992, Daat concentrates on the development of top-performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products for MS Windows.  It was the only CFD company nominated for the prestigious NASA Tibbetts award in 1999 for its accomplishments in bringing powerful CFD technology to every desktop.  Daat launched its flagship product Coolit in 1996, the only Windows CFD software for thermal design of electronics on the market.  Since then, Coolit and CoolitPCB have become leaders in theor fields.   Coolit family of CFD software has remarkable user-friendliness, a full range of Windows capabilities, and exceptionally fast solution times that are particularly valuable for “what if” analyses.


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