` ` Coolit 4.0 Press Release

Coolit v4.0 Pioneers Hybrid Meshing

For Immediate Release

Grid structure, combined with solver enhancement, creates unparalleled speed and flexibility for virtual prototyping of electronics.

Hanover, NH......June 21, 2001....Coolit, the world's easiest-to-use thermal analysis software for electronics, announces the availability of hybrid meshing, a first for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software. Hybrid meshing delivers the geometric flexibility of unstructured grids, without their negatives of slow convergence and poor stability. It handles non-rectangular objects automatically and with ease, permitting users to build realistic and accurate models of complex geometries.

Coolit v.4.0 delivers up to 30% faster solver performance due to improvements in the solution algorithms, and it incorporates new features that enhance ease-of-use and analysis flexibility. In addition to import from major CAD software, import of board geometry and components from IDF files has been added. The user now can import specific components into Coolit without transferring entire assemblies. This eliminates unnecessary editing when modifying designs. Coolit v4.0 allows the user to define subsystems that can be modeled with finer detail and grid, after the main system has been computed. This powerful feature permits complete and accurate modeling of complex systems: from macro to micro level. In addition, visualization enhancements provide better animation of streamlines and enable the user to create and manipulate individual as well as groups of streamlines and ribbons.

Coolit v4.0 operates on all Windows-based platforms: Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT. Coolit licenses include free CoolPlot visualization software and unlimited technical support. Coolit v4.0 is available for delivery now.

NOTE TO EDITORS: The following graphic provides a thumbnail view of a Coolit v4.0 thermal simulation.

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