` ` Breaking News: Product Design and Development magazine selects Coolit as design contest finalist

Product Design and Development selects Coolit as finalist for its Annual Engineering Award

January 2003

PRODUCT DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT magazine has chosen Coolit as a finalist in its Annual Engineering Awards program that salutes the most significant ideas that show innovation, creativity, and usefulness to society. Coolit was recognized for its pioneering contributions to CFD technology making it accessible to ordinary design engineers and to occasional users and enabling them to develop accurate, reliable, and cost-effective cooling solutions and to shorten development cycles.

The PD&D nomination is a fitting tribute to the success of Daat engineers and programmers in developing this easy to use and yet very powerful tool to help engineers facing the challenge of miniaturization and ever increasing power dissipation of electronics. This is the third recognition that Coolit has received that further reinforces its position as the technology leader for the CFD thermal design industry. Coolit is presently helping engineers design cancer treatment equipment, bomb detectors for scanning airport luggage, air defense and air traffic-control radar systems, TV-top entertainment units, and high-speed internet routers.

According to Daat Research’s President and CTO, Dr. Arik Dvinsky, “We are honored to be in the finals for the prestigious Product Design and Development Engineering Award. We are also very pleased with our top ratings for software performance and design of our user interface.”

About Daat:

Founded in 1992, Daat concentrates on the development of top-performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products.  It was the only CFD company nominated for the prestigious NASA Tibbetts award in 1999 for its accomplishments in bringing powerful CFD technology to every desktop.  Daat launched Coolit in 1996, the only Windows CFD software for thermal design of electronics on the market.  Since then, Coolit has become the leader in the field and is the only vendor offering software for all Windows platforms including: 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP.  Coolit software has remarkable user-friendliness, a full range of Windows capabilities, and exceptionally fast solution times that are particularly valuable for “what if” analyses.


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