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New Coolit release directly imports PRO-E models'

For Immediate Release

Hanover, New Hampshire --- July 1, 2000 --- Daat Research Corporation announces Coolit v3.5, CFD software that can directly import PRO-E® models for airflow and thermal analysis. Part or system geometries can be transferred to Coolit, eliminating the need for IGES or STEP translation. Thermal and fluid properties of materials are specified directly in Coolit.

"Users of this leading CAD program can move directly from design to thermal analyses without having to redraw their configurations," declares Dr. Arik Dvinsky, president and chief technological officer of Daat. " This significantly cuts setup time."

Once the model is imported, the design can be simplified by suppressing all non-essential detail. This will reduce the size of the thermofluid model and speed up the analysis.

Coolit specifically tackles thermal analyses of electronics designs. Its intuitive format makes it exceptionally easy-to-use, while its low-cost and powerful analyses have made it the fastest growing CFD analysis software in the world.

Coolit v3.50 is available on all Windows® platforms-- Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT.

For further information, contact Daat Research Corporation, P.O. Box 5484, Hanover, NH 03755-5485; (603) 448-1302; fax: (603) 448-2941; www.daat.com; info@daat.com.



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