` ` Letter from US Senator Bob Smith to Daat president, Dr. Arik Dvinsky, for receiving 1999 National Tibbetts Award

Letter from US Senator Bob Smith to Daat President Dr. Arik Dvinsky on the
1999 National Tibbetts Award

Dear Arik:

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for receiving the Small Business Administration's Tibbetts Award.

    Your cutting-edge research in the area of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has significantly advanced the performance of CFD algorithms. As a result, your Coolit CFD software has set new standards in speed and performance, as well as increased quality in its user interface.

    As you know, the Tibbetts Award is given to those individuals who are our national leaders in encouraging technological economic development through sharing of "Models of Excellence."

    Your leadership in pressing the technological envelope in the field of fluid mechanics and thermal analysis is the envy of the industry and the pride of New Hampshire. I applaud your hard work and your entrepreneurial spirit.

    Again, Arik, congratulations on your achievement and a job well done. It is an honor to represent you in the United States Senate.

With warm regards,

Bob Smith, United States Senator

  I am proud of you!

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