` ` Coolit Technical Specifications

The Coolit CFD software provides an integrated environment for efficient and accurate CFD analysis of electronic thermal management problems. Coolit consists of:

Graphical Pre-Processor
Graphics Post-Processor
System Requirements
Graphical Pre-Processor

Library of standard electronic design objects

User-created reusable libraries of objects

Objects Manager providing hierarchical view of the model

Interactive hide/unhide and enable/disable options for components

Graphic construction, placement, sizing and editing of objects

Point and click, drag and drop operation

Solid body and wireframe display

Pop-up menus and icons for fast input

Fully automatic grid generation and solver setup

Undo/redo; User-definable mix-and-match units support; Snap-to functions and lots of other time saving tools

Comprehensive material properties database

Import of projects from CAD programs

On-line, context sensitive help


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